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OSSIX® VOLUMAX — Nominated as the Best New Regenerative Material by DrBicuspid.com readers and expert panel

OSSIX® VOLUMAX announced as 2017 Dental Excellence Award winner as
Best New Restorative Material 

Nominated by DrBicuspid.com

DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Award 2017 for OSSIX VOLUMAX
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On January 10, 2017 - DrBicuspid.com announced the winners of the 2017 Dental Excellence Awards.

We are proud that OSSIX® VOLUMAX scaffold has been nominated as the Best New Restorative Material by readers and an expert panel 

The award was presented at the Chicago Mid-Winter Dental Meeting in February 2017.
Voters nominated more than 100 products and consultants nominees in eight categories to determine DrBicuspid.com finalists.
Unlike other awards, the Dental Excellence Awards are exclusively nominated by DrBicuspid.com's readership (over 530,000 page views per month!).
Winners were chosen in a subsequent round of voting by an expert panel composed of industry experts.

OSSIX VOLUMAX Dental Excellence Award from DrBiCuspid.com at Chicago Mid Winter Dental Meeting

The OSSIX® VOLUMAX scaffold from Datum Dental was awarded the Best New Restorative Material award. Stepping in to receive the award was Matthew Coggin, the vice president and general manager of OraPharma, which distributes the product in the U.S.

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Datum Dental Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Datum Biotech. The Company was created in order to develop, manufacture and market a full line of dental biomaterials for tissue and bone regeneration.

Datum Biotech Ltd is an Israeli based Biomaterials company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and commercializing proprietary technologies, which are based on innovative and unique sugar cross-linked collagen products for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
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